Core Aeration

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When you core aerate your soil properly, you reduce compaction, create thatch reducing enzymes, and allow for air and nutrients to reach your root system. Hard compacted soil is poor soil and, obviously, is not ideal for your lawn as it inhibits the roots' proper absorption of water. If you are seeding, don’t just throw the seed on hard clay soil to wash off with the rain, but create nestle points for the holes and cores created by core aeration. Ever see those lush golf course lawns? One of the secrets: frequent core aeration - not just plain aeration.
Rely on us for not only high quality but also economical core aeration and seeding services that'll give you a healthy, greener lawn, adding aesthetic enhancements and value to your property. You can choose from the various types of seeds available with us. If you have your own seed, apply it after we do the core aeration or we can spread it for you.

We offer flexible payment methods, and our charges are based on the recorded lot size in public records.

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Core aeration is a critical annual process that helps in maintaining a healthy lawn, decompacting the soil, redepositing top soil of thatch, and creating enzymes that decompose the thatch layers. The core allows oxygen to enter the soil, decompacts the clay soil, which is abundant in the Tri-State area.
Core Aeration
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