Mulch Installation

Premium Mulch Installation Services

Enhance the look of your property, decrease weed propensity and protect your plats  with premium mulch installed by Ken's Lawn Service Inc. Choose from a wide variety of mulch that includes brown and black dye products or just plain triple shredded hardwood. Do you need another type of mulch or have a preferred supplier? We will gladly install it for you and even pick it up. So, our mulch or yours? Bring it, pick it up or just spread what you have delivered. Do you it any way you prefer. And don’t forget the preparation: we can weed and edge all beds at your request. We can also put down chemical or physical weed barriers to reduce weed growth.

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Customize your property with our top-of-the-line mulch installation services. Give us a call at 302-478-1440 to hire our skilled team. All our installation charges are based on time and materials used. We offer flexible payment methods and monthly itemized billing.
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Our 31-year-old business is incorporated in 3 states - Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

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